A new CEO of CEEP

A new CEO of CEEP

Mr. Marcin Bodio, PhD, took up his post on the 1st of September, 2015, replacing Mr. Janusz Luks, who was nominated by the Board of Directors as a plenipotentiary for the LNG project. Mr. Bodio has been closely connected with CEEP since its establishment, initially serving as a Senior Adviser, then as Director for Research and Planning Co-ordination, and from last year, as Deputy CEO. Mr. Bodio has much experience in the energy sector within the international perspective, and his doctor’s thesis (2009) was concerned with this subject, including Russian and European energy policy. He will share his duties between CEEP and Grupa LOTOS, where he is Director of the International Relations Department.

Let’s find solutions and produce results together

The European Union is undergoing changes, and Central Europe Energy Partners is changing as well! It is an incredible honour for me to now lead and serve this great organisation of ours. CEEP, which is now more than five years old, may be proud of all it has achieved. Yet, still more can and needs to be done. That is why, under my leadership, we are going to continue seeking a balanced approach to achieving Europe’s climate, sustainability and energy security objectives, as well as production of energy and its utilization by the energy-intensive industry. Infrastructure allowing smooth distribution of the sources of energy and power is of primary importance as well.

Our mission endures: to provide an ongoing support for and advancement of the integration of Central Europe’s energy and energy intensive sectors within the framework of common EU energy, energy security and climate policies.

“However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.” These words by Winston Churchill, witty but fair, may serve as a motto for my new role. It is only through a strong focus on results that we may assure European producers of the sources of energy and their consumers to look to the future with confidence. With the challenges we face – touching directly on sensitive and strategic issues at the highest national levels – we need solutions that are both smart and affordable: and the best way to find solutions and produce results is together, not in fragmented markets, nor in isolation.

A perfect example of this results-driven philosophy is our recent report on the North–South Corridor. Rather than developing some bold, yet wishful-thinking visions, we are focusing on what may really be done – in the next years to come and at an affordable price – in order to provide Europe with more supply options. That is why we have commissioned Roland Berger experts to prepare a study which goes beyond reaffirming the sound political rationale of the Corridor. Instead, our analysis focuses on financial aspects of this joint undertaking and assists the European institutions in introducing an action plan for the Corridor’s main projects to be completed by the end of this decade.

Yet, CEEP’s focus has many more aspects than the North–South Corridor only. The price of energy, innovation and competitiveness, a common energy market and environmental issues, ETS and the broad spectrum of innovative coal technologies, are just a few to be mentioned. Let us not forget about indigenous resources that are and will still be playing an important part in the European energy-mix in the years to come. All of these aspects need solutions and results rather than beautiful stories to be continuously repeated. Let’s find these solutions and produce results together.

Marcin Bodio, PhD