Achema Group acquires wind farms in Croatia and the Czech Republic

Achema Group, a CEEP member, has now completed the acquisition process of several wind farms in the Czech Republic and Croatia. The electricity generated by these wind turbines will be sold to electricity network operators in the two countries.

The wind farm acquired by the Group in Croatia offers an installed capacity of 42 MW. In addition, this purchase includes infrastructure which is ready for further development and is located just 45 km from the Port of Zadar. The wind farm was established three years ago and consists of 14 wind turbines. The wind farm in Croatia constitutes about one tenth of the country’s wind energy market capacity (approx. 400 MW).

An already operational 18MW wind farm in the Czech Republic, which has been acquired by Achema Group is the third largest of its kind in the country.  The farm consists of nine wind turbines. The capacity of the wind farm constitutes about 5% of the country’s wind energy market (approx. 350 MW).

“Renewable energy is one of the strategic directions of the Group and to realize our goals we are constantly looking for attractive investment opportunities. (…) As the development of wind farms in Lithuania has come to a halt, we are encouraged to look for investment opportunities abroad,” says Lidija Lubienė, chairman of Achema Group.

The purchase of the wind turbines was finalised by sister company Renerga and financed by SEB Bank and a significant amount was invested by Achema Group itself. Renerga is owned by Achema Group, which also manages the green energy company Renerga-1. Renerga is engaged in the production of electricity using renewable energy like wind, water and sun. The company manages the hydroelectric power plants of Pastrėvis and Kavarskas, as well as the Benaičiai and Benaičiai-1 wind farms.

The total installed power capacity of wind farms managed in Lithuania is 57.5 MW. Each year 148,000 MWh of electricity is generated from wind power and sold to electricity network operators in Lithuania.

Currently the green companies owned by Achema Group generate about 0.15 TWh of electricity per year. More than 40 companies controlled by the Group consume about 0.43 TWh of electricity per year.