5th CEEP Annual Members’ Meeting

5th CEEP Annual Members’ Meeting

On the 16th of June, CEEP held its Annual Members’ Meeting in Warsaw.  It was presided by Mr. Paweł Olechnowicz, Chairman of the Board of Directors, who announced the meeting as properly convened and authorised to make legally-binding decisions.

During the meeting, an Annual Review was presented, outlining CEEP’s activities for the year, 2014, and up to May, 2015. The Review reveals a comprehensive list of the key issues and challenges, which CEEP tackled during this period. A Media Coverage Report: (January-May) was also presented, where one can find numerous media publications related to CEEP’s actions. Additional information can be found on CEEP’s website, where we have published our Annual Review: (January 2014 – May 2015).

Topics which need to be dealt with by the end of the year were also detailed by Mr.Olechnowicz, as well as by the CEO, Mr. Janus Luks. Mr. Olechnowicz underlined that the energy union proposal has become one of the central themes for the energy debate in Brussels, and upcoming legislative proposals have indeed been very challenging for the European Union. Some of the most important issues, apart from the Energy Union, include:Climate Change (COP21), CO2 emissions, TTIP, LNG, the North-South Corridor, etc.

After approving the statutory financial statements for the last fiscal year and accepting the year-ending holding of office of the Board of Directors, and due to the expiry of the five-year tenure by the Board of Directors, a new Board was elected in a secret ballot.

Before the ballot was conducted, Mr.Olechnowicz expressed his special thanks and appreciation to all members of the Board of Directors for the previous term (2010-2015), for their hard work in CEEP’s formative years, and their support, leadership and personal contributions to the success of CEEP’s activities.

The new BoD, elected for the period: 2015-2020, consists of the following:

  • Paweł Olechnowicz
  • Jaroslaw Zagórowski
  • Tadeusz Słomka
  • A representative of Kulczyk Investments (to be appointed later on).

According to the procedure, the newly-elected Board unanimously entrusted Mr. Paweł Olechnowicz with the position of the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

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Jakub Przyborowicz, Co-ordinator - European Institutions’ Affairs, CEEP