Dear CEEP members,

We would like to inform you that the identification and selection process for the 4th Union list of Projects of Common Interest (for gas) was launched and you can apply until 16 January 2019 at midnight.
As defined by the Regulation (EU) 347/2013 on guidelines for trans-European energy infrastructure (TEN-E Regulation), all candidate projects must be included in the Ten Year Network Development Plan 2018 (TYNDP 2018) developed by the European network of System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E). Projects, which are not included in the TYNDP 2018, cannot apply.

Important: For a cross-border infrastructure to be considered eligible to enter the PCI process all of its projects must be submitted (e.g. Interconnector A-B= [country A to border] + [border to country B]). The cross-border project promoters are advised to discuss with their counterpart before submitting their part of the project.

To apply, you are invited to submit an application via on-line submission platform:

The TYNDP data [including the cost data] will be directly retrieved from your TYNDP 2018 project sheet.

After project submission, entitled projects will be assessed to identify if they address a European need. Projects that pass this test will be assessed against the criteria set out in the TEN-E Regulation to identify their contribution to the implementation of the respective energy infrastructure priority corridor and their fulfilment of the aforementioned criteria. Projects meeting all requirements of the Regulation and making the largest contributions will be proposed for inclusion in the 4th PCI list. The 4th PCI list will be adopted by the European Commission by the end of 2019 and officially published by early 2020.

More information about the procedure and criteria as laid down by the TEN-E Regulation by accessing the following link:
Information about the policy goals and latest developments can be accessed here:
The Ten Year Network Development Plan 2018, including more information about individual projects can be accessed here:

Calls for PCI candidates in the Priority Corridor for oil and the Thematic Priority Areas for cross-border carbon dioxide networks and smart grids deployment will follow. The call for electricity project closed on 15 November.

For questions concerning the application module and TYNDP you can contact:
Mr. Stefano Astorri (
Mr. Rares Mitrache (

For questions concerning the PCI identification and selection process: