Central Europe Energy Partners ANNUAL REPORT 2019

Central Europe Energy Partners ANNUAL REPORT 2019

Every year Central Europe Energy Partners publishes its ANNUAL REPORT with an overview of our key activities and publications.

CEEP promotes a balanced approach to achieving the EU's climate protection, sustainable development, economic growth and security policies in the energy and energy-intensive sectors. We are advocating for a just and fair energy transition which should take into account the different views all around the continent, including the Central Europe.

CEEP was observing and monitoring development in energy and climate policy throughout the year, being at the same time an active player in the ongoing informal discussions on the crucial topics. During our meetings, workshops and conferences we discussed, what are the needs and challenges of the Central European energy sector and how we see the industry in the future. We paid much attention to the discussion on how to make the energy transition just and balanced, but also what impact would it have on Central European companies.

We have organised two panel discussions to bring the attention of stakeholders to the specific situation in the region. We have advocated in our position papers that different starting points of Member States should be taken into account and that the question of costs of decarbonisation of energy systems and industrial sectors must be addressed.

Some highlights from the CEEP Annual Report:

  • In 2019 CEEP organised 9 events, we were involved in 13 event partnerships and have 850+ followers on Twitter.


To find out more download the CEEP Annual Report 2019.