Central Europe Energy Partners begins co-operation with the Polish Chamber of the Chemical Industry

Central Europe Energy Partners (CEEP) has begun co-operation with the Polish Chamber of the Chemical Industry (PIPC). Its aim is to integrate businesses in the European forums, and to intensify efforts for increasing the competitiveness of Polish industry.

The co-operation with the Polish Chamber of the Chemical Industry confirms the position that CEEP has gained in the last five years, on the international level, especially in Brussels. “Our main force is the broad representation of sectors, including both producers and consumers of energy. This makes CEEP’s proposals, not ‘the voice’ of one industry only, but a balanced position, based on compromise and the interests of more than one hundred million Europeans. I am satisfied that ‘this voice’ has now been strengthened, due to companies from the chemical industry associated with PIPC. I strongly believe that CEEP will now be even better heard in the whole of Europe. This should bring benefits to energy producers and consumers in Poland, and across Central Europe,” claimed Paweł Olechnowicz, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Central Europe Energy Partners.

The main fields of co-operation include actions aimed at creating a rational ETS system, developing effective carbon leakage measures, enhancing the development of renewable energy sources, and supporting the improvement of energy efficiency in the chemical industry. “What brings us and CEEP members together, is mainly the need for stable regulations and security of supplies of our energy resources. Both of these fields are shaped predominantly at the EU level. As much as three-quarters of the EU Member States’ legislation in the area of energy-intensive and chemical industries, is produced in Brussels. I trust that due to co-operation with CEEP, our members will gain a unique access to knowledge and specialists, as well as an additional platform for meeting the strategic goals of the chemical industry,” declared Tomasz Zieliński, President of the Board at the Polish Chamber of the Chemical Industry.

Diversifying the supply of energy resources in the EU, will serve as another important field of co-operation between the two organisations. It is critical in the context of an Energy Union, whose final shape is being negotiated. This is going to influence, not only the energy sector, but also the whole of industry in Europe. Key to the collaboration, will be mutual support in strengthening the international position of CEEP and PIPC members, as well supporting innovations and the technological development of the chemical industry in Poland and Central Europe.

The Polish Chamber of the Chemical Industry (PIPC) is an association of the chemical industry in Poland, representing its members in relations with national and European administrations, and in international organisations. Among the members of the Chamber are major manufacturers of chemicals, supporting companies (transport, maintenance, project offices and other), branches of foreign chemical companies, and scientific institutes.