CEEP – member of the Commission’s expert group on electrical interconnection targets

The European Commission has appointed CEEP as a member of its expert group on electrical interconnection targets. Ms. Ivona Štritof, Head of Regulatory Affairs, HEP Group, will be a permanent representative of our association, Prof. Madejewski – a candidate proposed by our member PSE S.A. – will serve as a substitute when required.

The Director-General, Mr. Dominique Ristori, in his correspondence, declared that “the Commission had received a great number of high-quality applications”, so we at CEEP, are especially proud of this particular success, as it provides yet another signal of our effectiveness and status within the EU environment.

The inaugural meeting of this high-level group will take place in Brussels on the 17th and 18th of October. The appointment is valid for two and a half years, and may be renewed once. Daivis Virbickas, CEO of LitGrid AB, a CEEP member, will be as well part of this experts group.

One of the group's tasks will be to propose solutions to the European Commission, to overcome bottlenecks for the proposed 15% interconnection target by 2030, related in particular, to the financing of projects and permit granting procedures.

The Commission seeks advice on how to break this down into regional, country, and/or border interconnection targets.

CEEP agrees with the Commission that “well interconnected electricity infrastructure is a key condition for a fully integrated, competitive, and sustainable internal market for electricity in the EU. To reach the EU’s ambitious energy and climate targets by 2030, investments in energy grid infrastructure must be stepped up significantly”.