EPSO-G is a new member of CEEP

EPSO-G is a new member of CEEP

EPSO-G from Lithuania joined CEEP as an actual member. EPSO-G is a group of state-owned energy companies whose main tasks include the implementation of strategic gas and electricity infrastructure development projects and integration to the EU markets. 100% of UAB “EPSO-G” shares are controlled by the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Lithuania.

EPSO-G controls 96.6% of the Lithuanian natural gas transmission system operator (TSO) AB Amber Grid and 97.5% of the Lithuanian electricity transmission system operator (TSO) LITGRID AB. As of February 2016, it also controls 67% of the Lithuanian Energy Exchange operator JSC “Baltpool”.

EPSO-G engages in actions and projects that answer to the challenges related to European integration, ensuring power supply security, a competitive market, environmental protection, having in mind the ambition of moving from an Energy Island towards a Regional Hub.

For the electricity sector, EPSO-G’s milestones go from the extension of the LitPol Link (Lithuania-Poland power link), NordBalt (power bridge between Lithuania and Sweden) and synchronization with Continental European Network.

In the gas sector, EPSO-G will focus on the enhancement of the Klaipeda-Kursenai pipeline, GIPL (Gas interconnection Poland-Lithuania) and the gas market integration in the region.

EPSO-G group currently has over 1000 employees.