Event: The Central European Day of Energy 2021

Event: The Central European Day of Energy 2021

The 6th edition of the Central European Day of Energy took place in Brussels on the 3rd of December 2021. The event devoted to the energy sector resilience in the time of transition gathered representatives from the European institutions, energy companies, NGOs and think thanks.

The CEDE 2021 hosted Mme Commissioner for Energy Kadri Simson, Jerzy Buzek, CEEP Honorary Member as keynote speakers, together with a number of energy experts from across the EU. The panellists discussed issues related to resilient, affordable and decarbonised electricity and the role of gaseous fuels in the energy system resilience.

During the course of the event, CEEP also released a report on the resilience of the Central European power sector in the time of transition, written by REKK. The report focuses on resilience in the context of coal phase-out and the rapid development of intermittent solar and wind energy sources. The main takeaway was that according to modelling natural gas-based capacities will play a key role in providing flexibility in Central Europe in 2030. More natural gas will be needed in the power sector to provide the flexibility required in the future. However, altogether less natural gas-based power generation capacities will be required for that, than what we have in the system now. Our report is to be found here.

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If you missed the CEDE 2021, you can rewatch it here. Check out also some photos below.