The aim of the Conference is to contribute to scientific and expert discussion on energy policy, energy security, and the wider energy sector.

The plenary panels held on the first day of the Conference will refer to the topics of contemporary challenges of energy security in the face of global transformation trends in energy sector. The speakers will discuss the diversification of energy sources and directions of energy supply as well as the need for infrastructure development. In this perspective, the debate will focus on the security of supply of raw materials, in particular of natural gas, to the countries of the so-called Three Seas Initiative. The questions, which the participants of the debates will try to find the answers to, include the concern whether the CEE region can be strengthened in its energy resistance through the development of energy infrastructure as well as how the directions of gas supplies should be diversified in the era of energy transformation?

Parallel to the plenary panels in the afternoon sessions, there will be held the discussions on the existing threats affecting the energy sector, which consists of energy supply systems, resources and fuels. These threats will be considered in terms of sabotage, terrorism and information activities.

The conference will also refer to the global transformations affecting the energy sector, and in particular the European Union's aspirations to become a world leader in energy transformation and the use of climate-neutral technologies. The analysis of these issues will be devoted to a panel pointing to the energy sector as a source of innovation. In particular, the debate will address the development of smart cities and the use of artificial intelligence for this purpose.