CEEP will organise its 6th annual Energy Summit on the 19th and 20th of September, in Tallinn, Estonia. The event is a now well established meeting between energy sector’s representatives from EU-11 countries with Vice-President of the European Commission for Energy Union, Mr. Maroš Sefčovič.

Since its first edition in 2012, this event has served as an exclusive forum for discussion, the debate being held under the 'Chatham House Rule' to encourage more transparent and direct dialogue, with top selected guests from the region. As part of the deliverables, we will prepare a Memorandum – a summary of our positions and concerns on the current issues of the EU’s energy and climate policy, which we will hand to Vice-President Šefčovič.

CEEP Energy Summit would gather the representatives of EU-11 energy companies with a unique opportunity to voice at the highest European level their concerns and interests related to the Energy Union developments that are crucial for Central Europe, including energy security, diversification of supply, Clean Energy package, influence on the business environment of the current EU energy and climate policy.

Since 2012, CEEP Energy Summit has become a key element of the debate between Central European energy sector and the European Commission. The first edition took place in Budapest (2012), the second in Vilnius (2013) and the third in Bucharest (2014). In 2015, the meeting was held in Warsaw and in 2016 in Bratislava.