Budapest Energy Summit 2020  is the leading energy conference in Central and Eastern Europe.

BEST is an exclusive energy forum in Budapest, that brings together high-level industry leaders, experts, policymakers and top executives in energy, finance and technology from all over the world to discuss the driving trends of the industry and to identify the opportunities and challenges ahead of us. The Summit will provide a comprehensive picture of the state of the energy sector both within the CEE region and in a global context in light of the COVID-19 crisis and the climate emergency.


  • The biggest challenges and opportunities facing the European energy industry
  • The impacts of COVID-19 on the energy industry
  • How the major players of the industry perceive the crisis and reshape their business strategy in light of the new challenges
  • Accelerating the clean energy transition and the decarbonisation of our energy system
  • Innovation in energy – what is the future of renewables, hydrogen, energy storage and other clean energy solutions
  • The role of nuclear energy in a safe and clean energy mix
  • The future role of natural gas in Europe and the region