500-x-140-EAGC-2016-banner-v1European Autumn Gas Conference (EAGC) will take place on November 14th-16th, 2016, in the World Forum, The Hague, Netherlands.

EAGC will explore micro commercial, strategic and political influences which are driving the EU natural gas and LNG agenda, such as the critical drivers for supply diversification and the immediate term security of demand opportunities. In addition to navigating the challenges and opportunities resulting from macro global impacts including new global sources and what this means for traditional suppliers and domestic sources. Opportunities in Europe for supply diversification and new uses for natural gas and LNG will be discussed.

Now entering its 31st year in 2016, Europe’s longest running commercial gas conference EAGC is widely recognised as the premier event for senior executives and management teams from the world’s largest gas and energy companies. Renowned for its interactive format, the EAGC facilitates business to business networking and innovative audience participation.

CEEP is media partner of the event.