Europower24th EuroPOWER Energy Conference will take place on November 9th-10th, 2016, in Warsaw, Poland. The 24th EuroPOWER Energy Conference aims to talk about the most current challenges and problemsof the energy sector. Every six months, all the key industry representatives gather together to discuss what is most important for the sector. EuroPOWER Energy Conference is an effective and neutral platform for dialogue. It is one of the most important economic events in Poland.

Discussions held during the event relate to the important changes in the market, analysis of the new trends and allow to search common business models and pursue the most effectively market strategies. The scope of the conference include also how to adapt to the new legal regulations and how to appropriately respond to the dynamic changes on the market. Participation of a wide spectrum of key decision-makers enables a holistic view on energy and its presentation in a broad social context, focusing also on cooperating sectors.

CEEP is an Honorary Patron of the event.