CEEP is an event partner of the 22nd GAZTERM conference to be held in Międzyzdroje, Poland, on 6-9 May 2019.

This year's edition will focus on natural gas in the Baltic Sea basin. We believe that this region has an immense potential for cooperation, especially between the countries located on its northern and southern coasts. Undoubtedly, The Baltic Sea holds, and will continue to hold, a strategic importance not only for the development of Polish gas market, but also for other Central and Eastern European countries.

We are witnessing an intensive integration of the neighbouring markets: Danish and Swedish as well as Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian and Finnish. In the near future, Poland is set to gain a direct connection with them as a result of transmission infrastructure which is being built.

Day 1 - Baltic Gas Summit
•             Northern Gate
•             Danish and Swedish gas markets integration and cooperation with Poland
•             Integration of gas markets of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland
•             American gas on European markets
•             The geo-strategic importance of the Baltic Sea

Day 2  - The future of Polish gas market - infrastructure, prices, sales volumes
•             Role of natural gas in the Polish energy policy
•             Strategic plan for the gasification of Poland
•             Functionality expansion of the President Lech Kaczyński LNG Terminal.
•             Development strategy of underground gas storage facilities.
•             TGE’s new proposals for the gas market participants. Price and turnover dynamics on the gas exchange market.
•             Natural gas in the heating sector - current state and future perspectives.
•             Prospects for the development of the retail gas market in Poland.

More details: www.gazterm.pl