Central Europe Energy Partners is an event partner of the 9th Annual Baltic Energy Summit 2017, on 4-5 December, in Vilnius. The Baltic Energy Summit (BES) is the regional investment meeting for Baltics’s gas, power, energy, infrastructure and renewable sectors. Nine years in the running, BES brings together senior-level representatives from national governments, EU institutions, international and national gas & LNG companies, utilities, regulators, power developers, financial institutions, technology providers, consultants and law firms to form long-lasting partnerships, identify valuable opportunities and move the industry forward.

This year, with the 9th edition of its Baltic Energy Summit, the EEL Events brings the wider, Baltic Sea region perspective in the focus of discussion. The two-day programme covers topics from state policy and energy program priorities, the creation of gas & LNG market around the Baltic Sea, Electricity market design issues in the Baltic Sea region as well as the security of investments in renewable energies.

Among the topics:

  • PCI’s 2017 update from European Commission
  • Assessment of heading instruments
  • Development of balancing markets in Europe
  • Electricity market design issues in the Baltic Sea region
  • What are the possible scenarios on the Baltic grids’ synchronization with WE and their effect on the market?
  • Latest update on gas network projects (Baltic Connector, Baltic Pipe, Nord Steam 2)
  • New funding schemes for RES and Energy Efficiency
  • Has Latvian gas market opening been really working?
  • What is the outlook of LNG supply & demand in the region?
  • Future of Energy Trading- Hedging with Forwards and PTRs