CEEP is an event partner of the International Summer School: Smart Transformation in the Energy Sector, held in Bucharest between 25 July - 2 August 2019. The organizer of this course is the Romanian think-tank: Energy Policy Group.

The Summer School is dedicated to master/PhD students or young professionals (max. 5 years of experience and maximum 35 years old), interested in the energy sector or related fields: economics, law, political science, environmental studies. English fluency is required.

During the course global trends on the energy markets will be examined, in their mutually influencing dynamics and against the background of the energy sector’s greatest externality: global warming. A significant attention will be given to decarbonization initiatives around the globe and particularly in Europe, while also focusing on the major role of renewable energy and its evolution over the years. Then, the basics of the nuclear sector will be discussed, against the backdrop of the ongoing transition to a clean and safe power generation system.

Speakers will include a various group of leading experts from Romanian and international institutions including CEEP’s executive director, Maciej Jakubik.