30marAll Day01aprFUTURE ENERGY CONGRESS - KEP 2021


March 30 (Wednesday) - April 1 (Friday)



Event Details

Discussions on the energy transformation and the share of renewable energy sources in the process have recently touched many social groups. Both solar as well as wind farms are the basis of our domestic renewable energy market, and the renewable energy itself is playing an increasingly important role in the power mix not only of Poland, but also of other countries in the European Union.

The RES markets in the Commonwealth and around the world are developing very dynamically. More and more often we come across new solutions allowing the industry to increase the efficiency of the available resources. With the dynamic development of the renewable energy sector, new legislative problems appear at the same time.

Recently, the subjects of the “10H” Act or the issue of changes in the rules regarding prosumers have become very popular in media statements.

Energy storage, which is to ensure a stable development for any renewable source, is also gaining considerable attention in the public space. At the same time, we must not forget about the problems related to overloading power grids – a major challenge for the operators investing in RES.

The above-mentioned issues will be the leitmotif of the Future Energy Congress, organized by the ZEOP Association and the Student Scientific Circle of Energy Law “on / off”.

During the first two days of Congress, which will take place on March 30 and 31, 2022, we will hear the experts’ speeches. Specialists will present their views on current trends, upcoming challenges and problems of the energy industry. On the third day – April 1, 2022, lectures by students and doctoral students will shine light on some of the most warning issues that appear in the discussions on the RES market.

More information about the event on the website: https://zeop.pl/kep/