The 34th EuroPOWER Energy Conference and the 4th OZE POWER will be held on November 17-18, 2021 in a hybrid formula: stationary at The Westin Warsaw Hotel and in the form of online transmission. Key representatives of the industry will meet for the second time this year

The main point of discussion during the inaugural debate will be the energy transition strategy and the pursuit of climate neutrality. Topics such as the goals of sustainable development and climate neutrality, the essence of the energy transformation, and challenges related to ensuring the security of energy supplies will be discussed. Then the speakers will analyze renewable energy in the context of the development and competitiveness of the Polish economy. There will also be issues regarding the social and economic potential of RES, increased greenhouse gas reduction targets, the usage of hydrogen in energy and transport, the Offshore Sector Deal, and the development of large solar farms.

An important topic will be the prospects and scenarios of activities in the field of the Polish energy mix until 2050. Experts will discuss the modernization and expansion of distribution networks and the role of natural gas in the transformation of the heating power industry.

The discussion on the second day of the congress will begin with the issue of the energy and economic potential of Polish wind. The speakers will consider whether the Polish power industry is ready for a digital metamorphosis. Issues related to the conditions of digital transformation in the energy sector, the use of modern technologies, challenges and benefits related to the implementation of the cloud in energy companies will be discussed.

The transformation of coal regions will be presented on practical examples. Modern energy companies will be analyzed in terms of new models and revenue streams, consumer awareness and the development of the energy-related services market, data use and process automation. The event will also include topics related to civic, local and distributed energy as well as systems and regionalization of support for the energy transformation.

EuroPower and OZE Power is a dialogue platform that is a place for public consultations between government representatives and all industry representatives. The aim of the conference is a substantive debate focused on the current economic and political situation, including the challenges of the energy sector and the development of renewable energy sources.

The congress is carried out as part of the activities of MMC Polska, which organizes prestigious congresses, conferences, workshops, and business training dedicated to managerial staff and company boards.