GASREG_BANER_2500x396_enInternational conference GasReg.21 will be held on the 11th – 12th of May, 2016, in Poznań, Poland.

GasReg.21 is an international conference dedicated to the natural gas, LNG and oil markets, which will be held on the 11th-12th of May, 2016, in Poznań. The idea of this event is connected with the necessity to build the strong position of Poland in the regions of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and the Baltic. Under GasReg.21, apart from the thematic scope related to the development of infrastructure (including the North-South Gas Corridor) and market in the region, issues concerning the trading of LNG around the world, and the concept of creating a Polish gas hub, will also be raised. Furthermore, the conference will address issues related to energy security, competitiveness, and sustainability. The first day of the conference will consist of a substantive session, the second will be more workable - with B2B meetings and seminars.

CEEP is an official media partner of the conference.