200x200-ENGThe upcoming edition of the EuroPOWER will be a great opportunity to talk about energy and gas market, the EU Energy Security Strategy, the challenge of the RES national action plans and smart grids as a catalyst for co-operation between various sectors.

The Advisory Board includes key representatives of energy market: CEOs of biggest energy companies, the Polish government, regulatory bodies, scientists, chambers of commerce, among many others. The board co-creates the agenda of the conference and sets up specific topics to be discussed. Participation of key decision-makers enables holistic approach towards power industry and its presentation in broad social and economic context, with particular focus on co-operating industries. The past editions of the conference proved that the meeting is an extremely effective dialogue platform concerning development of power industry market in CEE. As part of this project, participants discuss the most essential changes on the market, analyse new trends and elaborate new business models enabling implementation of approved strategies.