HEP Group to invest 800 mln EUR into electric power grid by 2021

The representatives of Hrvatska elektroprivreda (HEP) presented recently HEP Group’s planned investments into electric power grid by 2021. Total sum of investment is equal to almost HRK 6 billion (EUR 800 mln).

Strategy foresees that by 2021 HEP Group shall invest around HRK 1.2 billion (160 mln EUR) into the electric power grid and renewable energy sources in the Croatian coastal area and on the islands. In the period between 2018 and 2021 HEP Group shall invest around HRK 4 billion (540 mln EUR) into distribution network and more than HRK 1.8 billion (240 mln EUR) into transmission network, which shall enable the safety of supply of the existing and future customers throughout Croatia. Investment plan includes inter alia construction of a 10 MW solar power plant on the island of Pag. Interestingly, these measures are considered also as a mean to improve the touristic attractivity of the country.

Development on modern grid networks has a paramount importance for the integration of renewable energy sources in the electricity system. Currently, Croatia has a RES share of 29% in gross final energy consumption and 45% in electricity generation. This volume will increase further and may be extended to 80% of Croatia energy needs within period 2030-2050. Exact target for RES, will be available in Energy Strategy which should be published next year. Croatia is already engaged in other projects aimed in improvement of network management with Slovenia, namely Sinco. Grid and e-mobility infrastructure development: NEXT-E.