LOTOS Group is advancing its innovation strategy

LOTOS Group is advancing its innovation strategy

After two years of cooperation, LOTOS and Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) are further tightening their partnership. Recently has been announced that EPRI is opening a regional office in Gdansk, Poland, first one in the CEE region and second in Europe at large (after Dublin). It will focus on industrial energy efficiency and power quality projects.

Electric Power Research Institute is an independent American research institute specializing in developing innovative solutions for the energy market. It also supports research on new technologies. It brings together scientists and engineers as well as academic and industry experts. To stimulate the development of research planning, EPRI also provides technological, statutory and economic analysis. EPRI and LOTOS are already evaluating new energy resource and flexibility research topics in addition to working with LOTOS on the evaluation of energy efficiency opportunities in industrial facilities like the LOTOS refiner

As Marcin Jastrzębski, President of the Management Board of LOTOS group said “We are very glad to have established this partnership, which has been developing dynamically over the past year, providing us with necessary know-how, experience, and contacts. It has also led to EPRI setting up an office in Gdańsk, which will greatly facilitate our running projects together, which at this stage require growing involvement from both partners. What is particularly important from our perspective is EPRI's access to state-of-the-art technologies and vast experience in implementing scientific and engineering solutions for international companies in the energy sector. EPRI is a professional partner which shares its know-how to support our projects”.

Development of R&D and Innovation is a priority for LOTOS group. The Company’s expenditures on innovative projects have been constantly growing. The Group companies have been carrying out research initiatives in the following areas: energy efficiency of refining processes, manufacture and development of technologies related to alternative fuels, and energy storage, including hydrogen storage and use in road transport. LOTOS is a co-founder of the Hydrogen and Clean Energy Technologies Cluster, has commenced to carry out projects jointly with start-ups as part of the Space3AC accelerator programme, and supports the National Innovation League

An important element of development strategy is electromobility. LOTOS plans to deploy EV charging points at 50 service stations located along motorways and expressways. The first 12 chargers will be put into operation at service stations along the Warsaw-Gdańsk-Gdynia-Sopot route in the second half of 2018.