Lotos is at the forefront of e-mobility development in Poland

Lotos is at the forefront of e-mobility development in Poland

Lotos Group is in the testing phase of first 12 fast chargers installed along the A1 and A2 motorways connecting Warsaw with Gdansk and Gdynia on the Baltic Sea shore. The so called “Blue route” is an important step in the implementation of the Lotos 2022 strategy which foresees increasing engagement in innovative alternative fuels projects.

Each of installed chargers have capacity of 150 kW and allows for the rapid charging of the 4 e-vehicles at the same time. The longest distance between charging points is 150 km what permits drivers to cover the entire route between Gdansk and Warsaw. Chargers are compatible with any type of batteries. As a next step, the 38 charging points will be installed along the main transport corridors in Poland.

Within its 2022 strategy, Lotos is prioritizing development of alternative fuel projects. Priority areas include energy storage technologies and e-mobility solutions. These actions are in line with the Responsible Development Strategy and E-mobility Development Plan, which both aims in the development of this sector of industry in Poland and increase share of e-vehicles on Polish roads.

At the same time, Lotos is developing projects related to use of LNG as a low carbon fuel in sea transport. Moreover, it is engaged in the promotion of the use hydrogen in transport. Lotos is also a member of the European Battery Alliance, the EU’s initiative supporting development of battery industry in Europe.


Location of the charging stations