Opening of the New Lithuanian Power System Management and Data Centre

Opening of the New Lithuanian Power System Management and Data Centre

The new Lithuanian Power System Management and Data Security Centre was opened in Vilnius at the beginning of March. It will ensure stable and secure operations of the country's energy system, as well as a higher level of physical and cyber security.

The new power system control and data management centre plays an important role in Lithuania's  preparation to join the Continental Europe Area and to independently manage frequency.

“This centre confirms that the synchronization project is becoming reality. Lithuania will now manage its energy system reliably, safely and, most importantly, independently. For the next five years, the focus will be on ensuring synchronization with the European system by 2025 and thus ensure a reliable and secure electricity supply.” says Minister of Energy Žygimantas Vaičiūnas.

Synchronization projects are currently in the first implementation phase. It will strengthen and modernize the Lithuanian transmission grid infrastructure, which will help to integrate the Baltic energy systems into the Continental European grid and the electricity market. In the second phase, the construction of a HVDC on the Baltic sea - Harmony Link - with Poland, is planned.

The newly opened control and data centre is the most modern in Europe. “In order to connect to Continental Europe networks, we need not only to prepare the infrastructure for the whole country, but also to ensure the security and quality of system management. So naturally, we have chosen to strengthen the Lithuanian control centre, because the quality of its operations determine the sustainability of the country's electricity” said Daivis Virbickas, CEO of Litgrid.

Last but not least, the new centre will create more comfortable working conditions for Litgrid employees. It is also a sustainable building - digital, with electricity-saving and light-regulating equipment, a waste management system and geothermal heating. The four-storey building has an area of ​​5600 m2. Investments in this project is around EUR 11.2 million.

Source: Ministry of Energy of Lithuania