Polish Energy Group (PGE) is a top player in Polish electricity market. In 2017 its production output reached 57 TWh of electricity and 25 million GJ of heat. Currently, the company is reflecting on its post-2020 commercial strategy which include the development of more low carbon assets.

PGE Group intends to invest in new gas-fired generation capacities – under scrutiny is the construction of three gas-fired units with total capacity of 1500 MW. Another important endeavor is an adaptation to EU environmental standards, i.e. BAT conclusions estimated for 500 mln EUR. Adaptation to BAT standards would mean that existing coal assets will be emitting less CO2.

Increasingly more attention concerning the development of Polish energy mix receives a potential of offshore wind farms on the Baltic Sea. In this context, PGE intends to implement a 1000 MW offshore wind farm. The project, aimed for 2025, will amount between 2.8-3.3 bln EUR, including the cost of connecting to the grid that will be around 20-25 percent of the total costs. In the longer perspective, PGE plans include the development of additional offshore capacity in the Baltic Sea of 2.5 GW.