The PSE strategy for 2017-2019

The PSE strategy for 2017-2019

The PSE strategy for 2017-2019 – innovation with a view to future generations and respect for all stakeholders, covers the following issues:

  • Safety for future generations
  • Sustainable development
  • Stable system operation
  • Money spent in a better way
  • PSE resources.

This constitutes the main objectives and directions of activities indicated in the new Strategy of Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne for the years 2017-2019, which was adopted by the Supervisory Board on 3rd of March 2017.

While fulfilling these objectives, PSE is driven by social responsibility and environmental care principles. The Company’s vision and mission have been built upon three values: dependability, reliability and responsibility.

The main duty of PSE is to take care for the security of the National Power System, including in particular the security of electricity supplies to end users. The activity of the transmission system operator must take into account changes faced by power markets, particularly technological and regulatory ones.

An inevitable change of the energy mix, consisting in increasing the share of local generation of electricity and renewable energy sources, has to be taken into account in the activity of the transmission system operator. Regulations, including in particular the legislation of the European Union, form the second area. The year 2017 will mark the completion of work on the majority of EU network codes and the beginning of the European Parliament’s work on an exceptionally broad-ranged and ambitious package “Clean Energy for All Europeans.” These documents attempt to implement a change in paradigm concerning power markets, which the Strategy responds to – underlines Eryk Kłossowski, Chairman of the Board of PSE. Strategic objectives for the transmission system operator in Poland have been formulated in response to challenges faced by the Company, resulting most of all from rapidly changing corporate environment – adds Mr. Kłossowski.

PSE’s activity is going to be determined by four aspects:

  1. Balancing initiatives aimed at maintaining security of the National Power System and efficient management of tariff measures.

The Company undertakes initiatives serving both the maintenance of the security of the power system in Poland in a short and long-term horizon and provides support to its users in the scope of maintaining security and reliability of electricity supplies. PSE’s activities are driven by economy of the power system, by managing funds in a way that reduces the burden of costs resulting from ongoing activities and development, carried by the users.

  1. Balancing initiatives aimed at standing up to risks that appear in the Company’s environment and those aimed at perfecting internal processes.

Risks for the Company and users of the National Power Grid stem from, in particular, dangerous activities by cyberterrorist and military groups that might aim at destabilising the system. Loopflows and legislative activities of European institutions that fail to take into account constraints resulting from national legal orders, physical laws and economic principles could be regarded as posing an equal risk. Numerous areas of PSE activities will undergo refinement, both to achieve a higher level of reliability and to attain economic efficiency; these areas include, among others: power network and IT systems operation model and investment execution model.

  1. Initiatives aimed at future solutions in the scope of security and economy of electrical power system.

The measure of security is, among others, the development and activation of the power market and planning the system’s development that considers balancing the domestic demand for power reported by generation units. The measure of economy, on the other hand, is the creation of new architecture and organisation of electric power markets to safeguard strong signals for manufacturers and recipients, which allows making market supply and demand more flexible.

  1. Initiatives aimed at increasing organisational efficiency and building a Company based on constant perfection, which allows enhancing quality and productivity while gradually limiting all sorts of inefficiencies.

The principal positions include: knowledge exchange within the company and with NPG users, standardisation and harmonisation of technical solutions as well as system data management. The Company strives to maintain balance between challenges related to NPG security and efficient management of tariff measures.

Moreover, we promote innovations aimed at adjusting the system to a new shape of markets and new technologies, among others, electromobility, multi-agent systems, local balancing zones, Internet of Things, power storage, local generation and a change of the energy mix. To this end, we strengthen the role and competences of PSE Innowacje, as a centre for building research and development agenda within the PSE Capital Group – highlighted Chairman Kłossowski.

The Strategy of the Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne for the years 2017-2019 has been prepared considering strategic resources, roles resulting from the mission and vision of the Company and goals to achieve. The roles PSE plays for its stakeholders and the entire power market result from this picture of duties and tasks.

We are aware that our activities not only have impact on the domestic economy, but also on the environment and the society. Therefore, by caring about the security and stable system operation – both today and with a view to future generations – we follow the sustainable development principles. This year will be marked with PSE’s first ever nation-wide information and education campaign, serving to bring the essence and importance of the National Power System and its development needs, closer to the public – said Mr. Kłossowski.

PSE’s Vision

PSE contributes to the European power market with safe and efficient operation of the National Power System, following the principles of equal treatment of market participants and caring for the interest of future generations.

Changes in the Company’s environment and expectations of the power market require the introduction of innovative solutions. Only the development of competitive power market operation mechanisms will allow to continue its safe and efficient operation. PSE aspires to create a market operation model that supports security of electricity supplies and creates rational energy prices. To this end, the Company actively participates in the work of institutions that create solutions for the power market in Poland and the European Union. At the same time, PSE stimulates the development of necessary and efficient investments, thus creating conditions for strategic development of NPG. High quality and reliability of provided services, combined with meeting top ethical standards, are factors that make PSE a professional and reliable partner in social and business relations.

PSE’s mission

Through care for network infrastructure and perfection of power system management, PSE guarantees its reliable and efficient operation.

PSE concentrates on fulfilling statutory duties, which comprise, in particular, provision of security of the National Power System’s operation and creating solutions that support the security of electricity supplies. The Company deals with development of thenew services related to data management, implementing high security culture and creating new business solutions for power sector entities, including consumers. PSE takes an active part in developing technological and power markets and managing cyber security within the entire electricity sector. As part of the above, the Company focuses on effective performance of the function of a transmission network operator in a thoroughly changing technological and market environment.

PSE participates in the development of market mechanisms, preparing itself for the implementation of the power market and balancing market integrated on the European scale. In all of its activities, PSE is driven by Corporate Social Responsibility principles.