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CEEP REPORT (Q2): Electricity storage and batteries

In the second edition in 2019, CEEP report focuses on the emerging importance of the electricity storage technology for the future of electricity systems and presents some cases of deployment of this technology in Central and Eastern Europe. In order to cover at best [...]

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CEEP Report (Q2): RES development in Central and Eastern Europe

The deployment of renewable energy sources (RES) is of paramount importance for a successful energy transition, comprising a decreased dependency on import of fossil fuels and emission of greenhouse gases. RES are becoming more performing and mature on the market, and [...]

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CEEP Report (Q2): Governance of the Energy Union

CEEP gathered in this report a series of opinions and analysis on the proposed Governance of the Energy Union with a special focus on Central Europe and potential impact on the energy and industry sector. To start with, Marco GIULI from the European Policy Center, [...]

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