Davor Bošnjak
Head of Intraday Trading and Planning Department, HEP, Croatia

Thinking about many challenges and opportunities for RES deployment in Central and Eastern Europe, it is necessary to understand an operational process how this generation influences the existing power system and how to achieve sustainable rise of RES by preserving security of the supply for each customer. Namely, although RES have many positive aspects, looking from ecological point of view, their generation is influenced only by a volatile appearance of wind, sun, rain and other renewable sources. This group is also extendable with biogas, biomass, energy from waste and geothermal energy, together with high efficiency cogeneration, which has been supported by The Clean Energy Package[1] in order to stimulate sustainable development of district heating systems as well.

Therefore, it is intuitively understandable that an efficient market model as well as a reliable technical power system should be based on an optimal mix of diversified, dependable and preferably independent sources in order to fulfil two basic prerequisites:

  1. Ability to instantly give needed energy to each customer in every moment regardless the scarcity of the renewable energy from any source in that very moment
  2. Ability to responsibly forecast and optimize generation in each individual portfolio regardless the market price in order not to create additional externalities which could derogate and harm entire market and technical systems


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