Security of oil supply for Poland and the EU is ensured

Security of oil supply for Poland and the EU is ensured

PERN, a CEEP member company, is the Polish leader in crude oil and fuels logistics and a strategic company that guarantees energy security in the area of oil supplies in Poland, but also in the European Union. A company is prepared for a ban on oil imports from Russia thanks to its developed pipeline system, fuel depots and oil terminal at the Baltic sea coast.

President of PERN Igor Wasilewski in a recent interview for Biznes Alert underlined that PERN has done its homework in the area of energy security. ‘’We have expanded the storage infrastructure in Gdańsk thus it is possible to import various types of oil from different directions of the world and currently, we have almost two million cubic meters of storage capacity by the sea itself”, he stated. A company has among its main customers two Polish and two German refineries.

PERN pipeline system has already been tested in 2019 during the chlorine crisis (Russian oil delivered to Poland was contaminated with chlorides), when for 46 days it was supplied solely from the oil terminal in Gdansk. Operational efficiency and investments have made that today PERN is prepared for the option of zero oil supplies from Russia.

‘’The war in Ukraine has shown that the diversification of raw material supplies is fundamental for the security of any country and we cannot focus only on one direction. I can say that today the annual demand of the Polish refineries is about 27 million tons. This means that the oil terminal in Gdańsk (36 million tons) still has a margin to offer the capacity to its German partners’’, stressed Wasilewski.

In recent years, the company has put a lot of effort into investing in fuel storage infrastructure and improve the logistics. PERN also intends to extend the Pomeranian pipeline which runs from Gdansk to central Poland. It is a project of key importance for the energy security of Poland which assumes the construction of the second line, bidirectional, of 240 km of pipe running along with the existing first line of the pipeline. Wasilewski believes that PERN is able to build it quickly and efficiently, indicating the year 2026 for its finalisation. ‘’Now we are at the stage of obtaining building permits and preparing a technical design” added Wasilewski.


Source: PERN, BiznesAlert
PERN manages a network of crude oil and petroleum products pipelines, the Company has approx. 4,1 million m3 of crude oil storage capacity and approx. 2,2 million m3 liquid fuels storage capacity at its disposal. PERN is also the managing company of a sea terminal, handling 36 million tonnes of crude oil and 4 million tons of fuels annually. The core operations of the Group include transport and storage of crude oil and fuels, as well as handling and storage of fuels on behalf of enterprises specialising in fuels trade and distribution.