CEEP becomes an institutional partner of the European Economic Congress

CEEP has become an institutional partner of the European Economic Congress in Katowice, which will be held between the 20th and 22nd of April, 2015. The EEC - the largest business event in Central and Eastern Europe – is a three-day compilation of debates and meetings, attended by 6,000 guests from Poland, Europe and numerous countries in the world. Almost 100 thematic sessions are attended each year by several hundred panellists, EU commissioners, Prime Ministers and representatives of European governments, CEOs of major companies, scientists and businessmen, along with decision-makers who have an actual impact on Europe’s economic, political and social life. The main topics and issues of the seventh edition of the largest business conference in Central and Eastern Europe, include: a discussion on the European Union’s 300 billion-euro investment programme, and debates on the role of Member States’ in national economies, innovative Europe, challenges to the global economy, new markets and new trends. There will be many opportunities to exchange views and share experiences on issues related to industry and climate, as well as responsible business, and the ongoing transformations of the European labour market. During the congress, we will present our report: ‘COMPLETING EUROPE – FROM THE NORTH-SOUTH CORRIDOR TO ENERGY, TRANSPORTATION AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS UNION’, drafted by CEEP in co-operation with the U.S. think-tank, the Atlantic Council. The panel discussion accompanying this event will focus on some of the most significant challenges which are currently faced by Europe, with particular emphasis on: the establishment of a North-South Corridor designed to improve the competitiveness and stability of the European economy; the integration of Europe’s energy, transport and [...]