Power Bridge to Soon Connect Poland and Lithuania

Ensuring uninterrupted, secure supplies of electricity is one of the most important tasks of the European Union’s electricity market. Poland, on account of its location in the central part of Europe, is obligated to create conditions for the safe transit of electricity between the eastern and western parts of the continent. Therefore, in order to connect the EU electricity market with the electricity markets of the Baltic states (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia), in 2008, a project was launched to build a power link between Poland and Lithuania (the LitPol Link). As part of this project, a stretch of a cross-border line connecting the two countries, has been built on the Polish side, and a total of 11 investment projects have been carried out. These include the construction of four 400 kV power lines and the construction of five new high-voltage power stations and the expansion of two existing high-voltage power stations. The construction of the interconnector, and work to ensure a specific level of transmission capacity for the constructed line, were associated with the need to adjust the whole network infrastructure on the Polish side, in such a way, that it could withstand specific loads. The Polish Transmission System Operator was tasked with creating such conditions for transmission, so that energy could be transported in a continuous manner, without running the risk of any interruptions. Domestically, the project will contribute to an improvement in the conditions, in which the National Power System operates, and it will also help increase the transmission capacity of cross-border interconnectors. The project will provide Poland with another cross-border link that will create opportunities for [...]