The 23rd European Round Table on Coal

The 23rd European Round Table on Coal: ‘A Long Way Come, a Long Way to Go’, was held on the 19th of March at the European Parliament, in Brussels.

This unique initiative, which was created and established by Dr. Christian Ehler and Bogdan Marcinkiewicz, members of the European Parliament, organised with the co-operation of Central Europe Energy Partners (CEEP), together with the European Association for Coal and Lignite, EURACOAL, drew a lot of attention from the coal industry, members of the European Parliament, many distinguished figures from the energy world, academics, and, of course, the media.

The keynote speaker was Mr. Dominique Ristori, Director-General in DG Energy. During the discussion, the main participants were Paweł Smoleń, President of EURACOAL; Bogdan Janicki, Senior Adviser at CEEP; Surojit Ghosh, Country Manager, and Member of the Board of Directors of ArcelorMittal; Adam Gierek and Roger Helmer, MEPs.

As a summary of the event, CEEP and EURACOAL introduced, and handed over, to Mr. Ristori, a joint position paper: ‘An Action Plan for Coal in the 21st Century’, which in a brief and clear manner describes what the European Union’s future approach to coal should be, and is aimed at presenting the possibility of a new dimension of Coal Industry policy for the foreseeable future.

Memorandum Action Plan for Coal 2014