Traditional energy sources are the key expertise behind the FRUNZE brand

Traditional energy sources are the key expertise behind the FRUNZE brand

The CEO of PJSC ‘Sumy Frunze NPO’, Mr. Alexey Tsymbal, answered the CEEP Report questions regarding CEEP membership, perspectives of the energy sector, and the added value of being part of the Central Europe Energy Partners’ project. Sumy Frunze NPO became a CEEP member in October this year, and it is a Ukrainian leader of blanking facilities, chemical equipment production, turbo-compressor units and compressor production, and pump equipment.

Cristina Dascălu (CD): What do you want to accomplish as a CEEP member?

Alexey Tsymbal (AT): PJSC “Sumy Frunze NPO” has great experience in heavy industrial engineering. We have a lot of implemented projects and developed solutions that could be of use for discussion in order to improve energy security of the European Union. We are ready to search new solutions together with Central Europe Energy Partners and hope to become a full participant in the processes patronized by CEEP.

CD: What will be the main challenges for the sector you’re active in, within the coming years?

AT: Recent years have witnessed energy sources becoming instruments of political dealing and influence rather than commodities. The existing EU energy sources supply system is not perfect and cannot provide energy security for the consuming countries.

The main task for CEEP members for the next period is, therefore, to actively participate in implementing projects that will provide a proper level of EU energy security.

PJSC ‘Sumy Frunze NPO’ can contribute and be beneficial to the EU to achieve the above goals. We have vast experience in the energy sector and we are open to sharing this experience, to find new ways of applying it, not only in Ukraine, but on the European market as well.

CD: What do you think you can contribute in terms of strengthening CEEP, and therefore, the entire energy sector?

AT: Strengthening the EU energy sector thereby achieving CEEP’s main goal, the efficiency of prevailing, traditional, energy source consumption shall be increased. Traditional energy sources are the key expertise behind the FRUNZE brand. Our company provides approved engineering solutions and technologies – from initial idea to implementation. We provide reliability that can be measured in real figures, such as: efficiency, lifetime, cost of lifetime, etc.

To increase efficiency and the security of hydrocarbons supply, focus should be given to the refurbishment of Ukrainian gas transit pipelines, which serve as the main gas carrier to Europe. The potential of Ukrainian OEMs is extremely high in this segment, and working in tandem with European partner OEMs, based on European standards, we can gain high results.

Another matter that should be paid attention to, is the diversity of energy supply sources. FRUNZE realizes the importance of projects with renewables and, the company has expertise in wind and hydro-power generation, the recovery of low potential heat using the Rankine Organic Cycle, etc.

CD: What should be CEEP’s priorities for the next two years from your perspective?

AT: CEEP members bring many ideas and proposals. Those should be processed and systemised, whilst a relevant strategy of further actions shall be developed and implemented.

 CD: Any additional comments or thoughts?

AT: Ukraine has become an EU associated member this year. This is only an entry point, but was extremely painful. To become a fully legitimate member of the EU, titanic qualitative efforts need to be made. Reforms should touch all fields, including the industrial sector which has to meet European requirements.

It is a great honour for PJSC ‘Sumy Frunze NPO’ to become a part of Central Europe Energy Partners. It is both a new experience and a new level of responsibility. However, we are ready to prove that FRUNZE is a team player, creative, responsive, effective and proficient.

Cristina Dascălu, Communication Officer CEEP