Transatlantic Trade and Innovation Partnership – TTIP Presentation

CEEP’s presentation during the 6th round of TTIP negotiations was the only one, among 70 other presentations, to tackle energy and energy-intensive industry challenges related to the EU’s negotiating position, and, as such, has been much welcomed by the EU and US negotiating teams. The presentation took place in Brussels on the 16th of July.

CEEP drew attention to the necessity of the holistic approach when TTIP is discussed. There are differences between the USA’s and the EU’s economies, starting with big differences in CO2 emissions. This issue is very important for our sectors, and has a significant economic impact. We have aimed to indicate what steps should be taken at the EU level to minimise the possible negative impact on our sectors, if the TTIP is concluded. It would require a co-ordinated approach and action on the part of many departments within the EU Commission, including DGs in energy, competition, industry, etc. CEEP also promotes the ideas contained in our presentation with MEPs from the ITRE and INTA Committees in the EP.

The CEEP document is a statement of our concerns and recommendations in response to the European Commission’s negotiating process. We are convinced that the findings of the presentation will assist the Parliament and the Commission in reaching good decisions that will help to reduce some of the strains on our economies.

TTIP Presentation